Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 55 - Weigh In

It was an "oh, sh*t" kind of morning. At least, those were the first words out of my mouth when I woke up at 8:05 (my Weight Watcher's meeting starts at 8am). My first thought was, "just skip it, you know you're up."  I had already looked at the scale and surprisingly enough, I have gained, which I have to say wasn't expected. It's a surprise gain. (Can I stress anymore what a surprise it was? LOL)  It also didn't help that all forces of the universe seemed to be against me going this morning. 

I wandered into the office and my phone was flashing. Text messages. Not just from one of my Weight Watcher's buddies, but two - both asking where I was. This kind of support, these little nudges, make all the difference. I knew I couldn't tell them I was skipping my meeting. So, I quickly got ready so I could make the 9:30. I texted back, letting them know I would be there. They both were going to do some grocery shopping immediately following the 8am meeting, so I decided I would go a little early, stop in the grocery store to say hello and then go on to the meeting.

I looked for my keys. Yeah, no where to be found. I searched for my Weight Watcher's book, which I always keep on my desk - nope, not that either. It didn't matter, I was going. I finally found my keys.  I popped in the grocery store and chatted with my friends for a few minutes and then straight to the meeting I went.

So, I weighed in. I am up - 4.2lb gain. It's ok. This is the struggle of weight loss. This isn't a sprint. I'm undertaking a life-long battle of obesity. I will win it. I will just see set backs, sometimes.  It seems they are far more frequent now than they used to be, but we just deal with them and move on. I am the tortoise.


  1. I *hate* when that happens - sometimes the littlest things can set off the scales. That's when NSVs become the most important, I think - if I know I did my best all week, I still feel good, even if the scale doesn't necessarily reflect that. There's a big difference between eating well and working out and still seeing a gain and seeing one after eating junk and being inactive - it just feels different, you know? And you're totally right - it's a life-long battle. One week doesn't make or break the fight.

  2. Never let the scale take away your victory. If you did not binge this week if you did not snack or bite, lick and taste your way through the week then you are winning the war.

    Hugs for another week.


  3. Thank you, Mary and Jane. You know, I did have a lot of NSVs this week. I worked out at the gym, not only walking/jogging on the treadmill but also weight machines - THREE days of weight machines. I made it through birthday celebrations (may daughter turned 5 on Friday). We chose not to have a cake at home on Friday but rather enjoyed birthday cake on Wednesday with my husband's family. The old me would have had cake on Wednesday, Friday and then again today for my husband's birthday. So there is progress of the scale that is worth celebrating!

    Thank you for reminding me to take note of those things.

    Oh, one other one, I purchased a two piece bathing suit. It's not a bikini or anything like that - just a swim tank and a swim skirt type thing. But, it's a style that I really like, in a print that I really like. The freedom to actually find something that is the look you want, find it in your size and then purchase it for a reasonable price is an amazing feeling! Those three typically never happened when I was 376lbs.

  4. I am whooping it up that you did the two piece suit choice. Awesome! I did that at about 250 pounds and I actually cried when it got to big to wear. I loved how it looked and felt. Wear it with joy and pride because one day soon it is going to be too big!