About Me

Me at about 376lbs
This was me, at about 376lbs. I was miserable! I've lived a life of obesity. From the time I was a child I was "the fat girl." It's exhausting for me to just look at this picture, which, by the way, I'm shocked I even have, as when you are the size I was, you tend to avoid cameras at all costs!

Life as an overweight person isn't easy. I've given up so much, trapped in this self induced prison. That's what I equate it to, a prison. I've spent years feeling guilty, hearing my own voice in my head telling me how horrible I am for allowing myself to be this fat! Those voices are far worse than any I heard on the playground growing up, and those weren't any picnic.

So, on May 26, 2010, I decided to fight back! I AM worth saving. I AM worth changing. I walked into a Weight Watchers meeting with the goal of losing 230lbs. And I'm doing it!

This blog is about my journey. I use it as a place to record not only daily struggles and victories but also capture those deep dives into what drives me, as a food addict, to compulsively eat. It's been my own therapy. I blog for me, it keeps me accountable but if just one person can gain something else from it, then that's just a bonus!

51lbs lost - 325lbs
This is me now, with 51lbs gone. I can't even begin to tell you how great I feel. I'm eating healthy. I'm exercising. I'm gaining confidence (which is why I can even create this about me page after nine months of blogging). I still have a long way to go, but I'm enjoying every minute of reclaiming my life!

If you are sharing in this journey, perhaps just starting out, know that you are worth every minute and every ounce of effort it takes to bring about these changes. You CAN do it and believe it or not, you can have fun too!

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to leave comments, visit me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or send me an email at elizabeth@fatgirlfightsback.com.

You can read about the start of my journey by visiting my very first blog post: Today is the first day of the rest of my life