Below are fellow bloggers that I find inspirational. Please check them out.

The Anti-Jared
Tony has lost over 200lbs. His blog is honest, witty and a great read

Keeping the Pounds Off
Jane started her journey at 385lbs and has lost 210lbs and counting. She is an amazing inspiration and someone I can always count on for words of wisdom in comments to my posts.

Fit to the Finish
Diane's blog is full of experiences that hit extremely close to home. She has lost 150lbs and her blog is such an inspiration.

Losing Half My Weight
Jayme was 327lbs and set a goal to lose half her weight.

Prior Fat Girl
Jen has built something that I equate to a blogging empire. With multiple "prior fat girls" and one "prior fat guy" the site has a little "somethin', somethin'" for everyone!

Who Ate My Blog?
Stephen weighed in at 632lbs in February 2009. As of May 2011 he has lost over 250lbs!

Tyler has lost 150lbs in 15 months through healthy eating and exercise. Love this blog!