Friday, May 27, 2011

One Year and a Little Reward

On May 25, 2010, one year ago yesterday, I took the step to transform myself. It has been an amazing year!!  Looking back at the first blog entry, one that I wrote four months prior to allowing my blog to be published publicly, I see a completely different person, not just physically, but mentally. You can read that first blog entry here, if you haven't already.

One thing I did not expect when I joined Weight Watchers was the amount of support and strong friendships that I would make along the way.  I've had people ask me if I do just the online program or if I attend meetings. The response that often follows is, "I could do it online but I don't need meetings." or "I'm not into sitting in a room full of people and talking."

I get that, I do. Believe it or not, I'm a fairly introverted, private person. Whenever I take one of those personality type tests, the results always include something about being closer to an introvert than extrovert and having only a few, quality, deep relationships. So the idea of sitting in a room of 30 other people and talking about something that has been a source of much sensitivity and pain for most of my life, wasn't all that appealing, at first. However, now I can't even imagine NOT having my weekly Sunday meeting. I've had Sunday's where I've had to miss over the course of this year and I feel I'm truly missing out on something if I'm not there.

It has been a year of ups, downs and stalls. But it's been a wonderful year and I'm so happy I finally committed to changing my life.

Months ago I posted that I lost 50lbs (January 31st, actually). As a reward for losing 50lbs I was going to pierce my nose.  Weeks and then months passed and no nose piercing. I gained and lost the same 5lbs and eventually dipped back into the 45+lbs lost. At that point it didn't feel right to go get it done if I was no longer at 50lbs lost. When I saw the 56lbs lost this week, and knowing that yesterday was my one year anniversary, I decided it was time to do it. So tonight, I went and had my nose pierced. I'm so glad I did it! It's a great reminder, every time I look in the mirror, that I did it!


  1. I enjoy following your journey and I LOVE seeing your fist move lower on the pounds scale! Welcome to year two!

  2. So glad you finally went for it!! You deserve it and are soooo able to rock the look!