Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mind the gap

State of mind is a major driver in weight loss. Sure, purely physiologically speaking, weight loss or gain is equal to calories in - calories out - if you come up with a positive number, weight gain is going to happen, a negative number and woohoo you're losing some of yourself. However, drivers for the caloric intake and output are mostly in our minds.

It's not breaking news that many of us will eat (and some will not eat much at all) during major emotional turmoil. We also tend to overindulge during times of great celebration! But what about the gap in between those? Can monotony also make us reach for that bag of chips or a few extra cookies?  I find that when I've lacked giving myself a pep-talk, when I've stopped truly BELIEVING in my own abilities - I struggle. I think that is where I was for the last bazillion weeks (ok, technically 15, but who's counting). I think I've finally made the two ends meet and closed the gap.

This week has been a fantastic. I'm excited to go to the meeting and see my official number on the scale. Even a year into this weight loss, I still commit the big "no-no" and weigh myself during the week. I won't divulge that number now, as I only record my official Weight Watcher meeting weigh in but as of right now, it looks like a GOOD week!

I attribute it to a different state of mind. This week I had several big things going on, which could have resulted in food choice nightmares.  First was a meeting at work. It was a celebration of an accomplishment for a great group of people. Rather than eat the food provided, I packed my lunch, took my lunch bag to the meeting and enjoyed the company, rather than the food.

The second big event this week was my birthday. The day before my birthday co-workers took me out to lunch. Fortunately, the restaurant had grilled fish and plenty of fresh fruit, which is what I ordered. That evening my husband's family celebrated my birthday at their home. His mother made one of my favorites, fried chicken breasts. I kept my portions under control, budgeted 15 points for the double fudge chocolate cake she made for me and kept my day within my daily point values. On my birthday, my loving husband understood I preferred not to have birthday cake again, so we celebrated with a kid friendly junk-ish kind of food dinner (pigs and blankets and mac & cheese, both made as reduced fat recipes) and later that evening I had a deep chocolate vitatop as my birthday sweet.

This week could have gone way differently with food choices. I could be dreading looking at the number on the scale tomorrow. I feel so great that I don't have that dread. I don't have that worry. And, because of the healthy food choices I physically feel great!!

How has your week been? Have you faced any challenges? Have you celebrated any victories?


  1. Seeing a loss during a week with a holiday or when you celebrate is such a huge victory - it shows that this lifestyle is sustainable for you, that you can enjoy the occasion without overdoing it. ♥ Amazing job - and happy belated birthday!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday my blog friend! It sounds like you had a great week with a good deal of sanity, May this be the first of a year of such wonderful insightful weeks and happy results!