Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 54 - Weigh In

Amazing weigh in this morning!!!! I lost 7.2lbs this week. I'm only 3.8lbs away from a total loss of 60lbs. Yes!!!!! I feel awesome. (And I finally get to move my tracker and post a weight loss "sticker" today! It's been a while.)

I woke up extremely early. I knew I had a great week and had looked at the scale early on and saw a 6lb loss. So last night was like Christmas Eve. It's been WEEKS since I've seen a really great loss. One of my good friends happened to be online early as well. We chatted for a few minutes and as I thought about asking her if she wanted to hit the gym before our Weight Watchers meeting - she was typing it! So, we did it! 7am we were on the treadmills. My legs were a bit sore from yesterday, but once I got moving that worked out.

So, here are the quick stats:
Loss this week: 7.2lbs
Total loss: 56.2lbs


  1. Wow!!! That's an amazing loss! Way to go on hitting the 50 lbs. lost mark - that's an incredible accomplishment. :)

  2. Thanks! :) Just to show how long I've been yo-yo-ing. I hit my 50lb milestone on 1/30. Since then I've been losing and gaining the same five pounds. This was a breakthrough though! The scale has finally moved passed the yo-yo.

    I think it's just a reminder that eventually, that yo-yo will stop!