Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 48 - Weigh In

Ok, this is crap! I gained .2 pounds, mmhmm, POINT TWO POUNDS. I'm fed up with this yo-yo action and have to kick it into high gear. This is crazy! Honestly, my week wasn't bad.

I'm fairly certain I know what is going on, it's a combination of a few things.  I am pretty sure I'm retaining some water this week. But mainly, my activity has decreased. I know lack of time shouldn't be an excuse, but honestly, since this term of school started in January, my time has been extremely limited. Work all day five days per week, school four nights per week, my days outside the house don't end until 10pm and then I have to hit the books until after midnight. It's been extremely challenging to find a spot to get a workout in. I attempted to set myself up with a goal of using a personal trainer, doing weights several times a week, etc. and because I wasn't able to do it just as I planned (five days per week), I've let the all or nothing attitude get to me.  I need to remind myself that even 10 minutes of doing something is SOMETHING. One day doing it is more than zero. . .so this week I am not setting the huge goals of "I'm going to put seven hours in on the treadmill over the week!" No, all I am going to say is I will get some activity, I will vow to do SOMETHING. 

This upcoming week is slightly more complicated (understatement of the year) because my husband has his second knee replacement this Wednesday. Fortunately, since we did this recently (first one was done on February 2nd) I know what to expect and I can plan accordingly.

I went to the store and purchased plenty of fresh fruit and healthy snacks to take with me to the hospital. I refuse to seek out a vending machine at 3am for a KitKat just because I can.

So, it's onward and upward (well downward, oh whatever). Thus rut is one I desperately need to get out of and I think some form of activity is the answer.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for my schedule. I graduate on May 7th and will be out of school until January when I will hopefully (I have to apply and be accepted) start nursing school!

Quick Stats:
This week's weigh in +0.2lbs
Total Lost - 53.6lbs


  1. Your post today gives me so much to write in reply:
    I am SO excited that you are graduating in May! i cannot wait to hear when you get into nursing school 0 you will probably need s smaller white coat for that, too!
    How awesome that your husband had his second surgery already and you and he are already past that trying first 48 hours.

    Movement and sleep are both things you need for weight loss but remember that this week you also had the added stress of your husbands surgery. This could be a part of your body's retention of the weight for this week.

    Here is something that happened to me: i would fortify myself with healthy staples because I knew i would be trapped in a (fill in with hospital/car trip/family reunion). I would eat the right foods and could be thrilled at my willingness, honesty and sane choices all week. It was not until I got on the scale and saw a gain that I went back and honestly saw I had twice the amount of fruit and twice the number of healthy protein servings over that several day period. Well no WONDER I gained. Yet I could still be grateful that while my behaviors were not perfect, my choices were sound and healthy. Next time I paid closer attention to the quantity - just in case.


  2. Hi Jane!
    I always so look forward to your replies. :) Yes, you are absolutely correct that movement and sleep are vitally necessary. I'm going to work on the movement part this week, even if it's not as much as the "ideal" I've set up in my head - I've found THAT in and of itself is a demotivator for me. LOL

    The surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday (4/13) so I'm in the planning phases for that. I love what you said about the extra fruits - that is the truth and it just reminds me that even with healthy snacks packed I can overindulge - that will help me remain mindful of mindless munching.

    I will blog from the hospital on how things are going this week. I know Wednesday night I will be tapping his shoulder every 10 minutes to hit his morphine pump - so sleep will not really be in the cards. LOL

  3. The great thing is that he only has two knees! Wednesday should be your last morphine pump night!


  4. here's a thought...when you're at the hospital, take the stairs intstead of the elevator while you're waiting or whatever. Or walk around in the hospital while you're waiting instead of just sitting and waiting...

  5. Just had to say hi!! Great blog girl!! It will come off hang in there and hang tough!!:)