Saturday, April 30, 2011


Most people that know me know I often consider the word "normal" a four letter word. Yeah, yeah, I know it's six letters.

After the last couple weeks, I'm craving normal. Now more than ever! I'm happy to say that school is over and I have a break for many months. My husband is healing pretty well, although still battling considerable pain with the new knee, but BETTER! Things are looking more and more like we are going to experience some "normal" for a few months and I'm so excited about it.

My weight loss journey has stalled. I think much of it has been due to being outside my home for more than 12 hours per day at obligations (school and work) making it impossible for me to workout. I know, everyone says they don't have time to work out. I honestly haven't had the time. But, that all changes now.

So, here we go. Woohoo!!! Tomorrow is my meeting and this week is going to be fantastic!!

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  1. It is all one day at a time. Welcome back to some normal.