Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 47 - Weigh In

I'm a bit late giving my weigh in from Sunday. Truth be told, we decided to go on a small family outing to The Florida Aquarium, so I ran into my meeting long enough to get weighed and then we were on the road to Tampa. Once we got back home I had to run to the grocery store, treat my dogs for a flea problem they have developed during our dry season and then get kids ready for bed/school the next day.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with my results on Sunday. I saw a loss, so that was good, but it was 0.6lbs. I know, a loss is a loss is a loss. And any loss is always better than gain. I get that, I do. But, I worked hard last week, watching everything I ate, sharing my tracker on here each day. Giving up Diet Coke. I really expected to see a really great loss. So seeing only a 0.6 on the scale was a bit lackluster.

It's ok, moving forward, glad the scale went in the right direction and I'll just keep on, keeping on. :)

This weeks loss: 0.6lbs
Total loss: 53.8lbs


  1. I sometimes found that the loss you expect comes a week later...I don't know science behind it, but it is often true that you can see a loss when you've had a "bad" week, and disappointing results after being careful. Wait 'til next week - I'll bet you will see a bigger loss then. But well done anyway on the important 0.6 loss - those are sweet too!

  2. Keep your chin up! Removing diet coke from your diet will definitely pay off, I would guess next week you're going to see the loss you expected. You have been so disciplined and focused, so stay strong. We are all behind you and so eager for you to hit your next goal.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You are always so busy with work, kids, family, STUFF - are you getting enough sleep? When I do not get a full night of rest my weigh in is always off the next day.

    You are smart to remember any loss is better than a gain. I know at this point it is still about the weight and getting that pat on the scale for your effort but please keep on keeping on and you will see the results for your continued actions.


  4. Thanks everyone! All of you are absolutely correct that a loss is a loss is a loss. This is exactly why weight loss isn't easy - if it were. . .well, I know I wouldn't be blogging about it. LOL!

    Jane, I haven't been getting enough sleep. I often don't go to bed until after 1am and I wake up around 6am. So I know I don't get enough. The end of my school term is three weeks away and then I'll be in a normal routine until next January when I start (hopefully if I get accepted) nursing school. I'm looking forward to the break and sleeping again! LOL