Saturday, April 2, 2011

And they had vacuum cleaner hoses coming out of their noses. . .

For those that follow me on my Facebook page and Twitter, you know I had a bit of a surprise last night when my 10 year old son informed me that he had a pencil eraser cap (from a mechanical pencil) stuck high up in his left nostril. He said he did it when trying to be funny waking up his sister that morning. I'm not sure why it took him 12 hours to inform us that this little bobble was stuck in his booger-maker, but he did. So, off he and I went to pick up my mom and head to the ER. Yes, I am a 33-year-old mom of three but my age and maternal experience doesn't matter - any ER trip usually requires a trip to pick up my mom.

Katz Extractor
Off we went to the ER at one of the local children's hospitals. A parade of sick children and worried parents walked through those doors. I was thankful our visit was due to something so insignificant (and kind of funny). It's not all that unusual for kids to put things up their noses and in their ears, so I wasn't too concerned. The worst part for him was having the Katz Extractor put up his nose. It was extremely uncomfortable and painful but he dealt with it like a trooper. He did nickname it the "torture device" and said he certainly learned his lesson to not put things up his nose. Unfortunately, the Katz didn't pull anything out, so off to x-ray we went only to also be told, the pencil top was not anywhere between his sinuses and his rectum and it must have fallen out of his nose earlier in the day without him noticing.

The good news is, he is no worse for the wear.

Due to the excitement, I didn't get to do my Day 6 - Week of Accountability. I think the trackers may have been getting a little boring to look at, anyway. So, I'll just write about my day.

I did well on plan and even went out to lunch with my co-workers. We visited a small local restaurant called Urban Hibachi.

We enjoyed some fresh steamed edamame. I'm not sure what it is about the little pods but I think I could be addicted! Anytime I order it out, I really enjoy it and I'm not sure why I haven't tried to cook it at home. And with a cup only being 2 ppvs, I think it's a snack I'm going to try to incorporate! I really like food that makes you work for it. I know, sucking the beans out of the pods isn't really work, but it does consume a bit of time to get three beans vs. shoveling them in your mouth with a fork. I may try to create a "work for it" menu this week and see what happens.

Shrimp Hibachi
I was proud of myself for ordering water with my meal rather than Diet Coke. I even special ordered my Shrimp Hibachi without butter and oil and I only ate half of the brown rice. It was so delicious.

I was mostly satisfied the rest of the afternoon. I did enjoy some crackers with laughing cow and of course, my orange.

California Sunkist navel oranges are in the stores, and even though I live in Florida, I'm partial to California oranges. Consequently, my servings of fruit lately have been a couple oranges per day. They are just so sweet and juicy - it's such a nice treat! I know, I know, why am I raving about oranges? Well, before I started Weight Watchers I absolutely hated eating oranges. It was something I NEVER did. I didn't like peeling the orange. I didn't like the texture of an orange. The entire experience of eating one was just daunting and I hated it. Since then, like with a lot of other foods (*whispers* brown rice, whole wheat pasta, carrots) my tastes have changed. I enjoy these foods and my orange is like a special, sinless treat that I look forward to in the mornings with breakfast and in the afternoon for snacks. Unfortunately, the Sunkist navels aren't around all year, so I try to really cash in when they are.

Friday nights are typically a "family fun" kind of night. We usually order out for two reasons - it's the end of the week so my pantry is somewhat depleted and it's just a special Friday night kind of thing to do where I get a break from cooking. It's a one per week and sometimes every other week occurrence and I usually try to keep myself within some form of boundaries while still having something I don't normally have during the week. Last night it was Chinese take out. Yes, I seemed to have an Asian themed kind of eating day. LOL

While I still used a mess of points on the meal (points I had from dailies and dipping into weeklies - so it was completely "on plan") I still made better choices than I would have made in my "previous life." My favorite thing on the menu is the garlic honey chicken. Unfortunately, this is essentially batter dipped, fried, smothered in honey and garlic - chicken nuggets. I did NOT order it. Rather, I ordered a shrimp fried rice (shrimp because it was the lower point option), a veggie egg roll and I had a couple of my daughter's favorite crab Rangoons. Again, not the greatest of meals health-wise, but within my points and extremely enjoyable. It's WORTH IT to do these things a few times per month with my family. Some weeks my selections are far healthier, some weeks they are worse - and that's ok. It's moderation and I'm thankful to have the opportunity to pass that little life lesson on to my kids.

One slip up I did have is on the way home from the hospital with my son's nose ordeal I did run through a Burger King drive-thru for a Diet Coke. However, I don't anticipate having another for a while and I had gone seven days without one. That is a HUGE improvement over the six or seven I used to drink on a daily basis.

I'm excited for tomorrow's weigh in. Today we are doing some light eating, will have a light dinner and perhaps a popcorn snack this evening with movies.

I love weekends!


Do you change up your weekend eating a bit from your daily, during the week eating? Are there any foods you eat now that you never would have eaten or even liked before you started on this journey to be healthy?


  1. My younger sister had a similar experience when we were kids - except with a Lite Brite peg. Yikes.

    LOVE edamame! I posted a recipe on my blog today for a hummus-type dip made with edamame - so delicious!

  2. Ok that extractor is frightening, so I'm sure he learned his lesson! Ick. :)

    Edamame is one of my kid's favorite foods, so we make it often. Tastes so yummy and so good for you!

    Hey, a diet coke at Burger King isn't so bad girl, it could have been a LOT worse! You are doing great!

  3. I want to try Edamame, but isn't it soy beans basically? Anyways, I'm scared to eat anything with soybeans because my mom had breast cancer that was due to soy...

    Also, I stuck a Marble up my nose when I was little... and GUM..LOL. I remember my dad pulling the gum out of my nose, and having to go to the doctors to get the marble out. lol. I hope my son doesn't do that...but he probably will.