Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fat Label Society

For years I've held in my memory labels and words that have been assigned to me by society. Some date back to the playground at five years old. Others are from even more recent years. Some may have come from tabloids I saw while waiting for my grocery order to be rung up, others in movies or in simple casual conversations.

Ugly, gross, huge, whale, fatso, disgusting, hideous, grotesque, stupid, loser, awful, blubber, fat ass, jolly, lazy, dumb

You get the idea. You can find these and many more on school playgrounds, in work places, in the monologues by late night tv hosts, magazines, comments to news articles on online publications, social media sites - they are EVERYWHERE! 

I've lived with these labels stamped on my body. I've allowed them to clutter my mind and drive the need to compulsively eat. I've allowed them to control me.

But with all the damage these labels did they still are not enough motivation for me to lose weight. Not a single one of those words holds enough power to keep me on plan. Even the sum of the lot doesn't provide enough motivation to lose 230lbs. Why? Because there is only one word strong enough to provide the motivation needed to lose this weight, one word . . .


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