Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 45 - Weigh In

Enough is enough! I'm done floundering! This morning I saw the gain, as I expected. I'm up 3.6lbs. Yep, I went off track big time. But, what is done is done and I'll take it back off. I think this only illustrates how much I NEED to go to my meetings, track my foods, plan my meals and exercise. For years, I ate as I did this week. Flying by the seat of my pants, eating anything I wanted without giving it much thought - running to the vending machine when the chocolate craving hit and eating that Kit Kat whenever I pleased. It's easy to see how one could become nearly 400lbs when gaining 3.6 in one week. 36lbs in 10 weeks. . .72lbs in 20 weeks. . .

I've already gone to the grocery store and purchased all the right things. Today I'm going to sit down and do my normal planning routine, that I missed last week. I'm taking control again.


  1. Glad you're grabbing the reins again! You'll take that off right away! Go, girl! You've got this!!!

  2. I read YOU on a Diet a while back and it made an analogy that I really liked. It asked if you missed an exit on the highway, would you drive off a cliff? No you would get off at the next exit, turn around, and get back on on the right track to your destination. That has been an image that I carry with me when I start to fall off track. Once I mess up I want to quit but I have to put everything into perspective. You have a great attitude about this and you'll have no problem taking it off again :)

  3. that's been me... I finally set a new goal and i'm on track again. good luck!