Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick Days

I have a cold. It's the first cold I've had in several months. Before I made this change in my life I suffered colds and sinus junk from October through April. It seemed I was ALWAYS sick. What I've found since working on getting healthy is my illnesses are fewer and I have longer spans of wellness. I don't seem to catch anything and everything anymore, which is fantastic.

So, today I'm having a day of rest. (I love that laptops can travel with you from the office to the recliner to the bed. I wouldn't trade my laptop for all the desktop pc's in the world! But, I digress.)  Oh yes, my day of rest . . . I really don't want my day of rest to turn into a day of munching, sleeping and virtually no movement.  I need to pick my oldest son up from school around 3pm today. The school is only a mile from my house so I've decided rather than drive it I'll go ahead and walk it. Two miles round trip isn't strenuous and may do me some good. It also helps me get some activity in while fulfilling something I have to do anyway. I don't feel well, but that's no reason to not spend the 45 minutes or so walking, getting some fresh air and enjoying the time to just think.

I was a bit later than usual getting breakfast but I did finally eat it. I had two pieces of dry, reduced calorie, wheat toast, a boiled egg and an orange. I figure better late than never! I have no idea why I craved the toast dry, I just did, so that's what I had. I normally use Brummel & Brown (margarine made from yogurt) but I just wasn't feeling it today. I'm going to focus on not munching on comfort foods and stick to my normal routine as much as possible. Sick days seem to be more difficult to maintain the normal routines of eating well but isn't it when we are ill that it is of utmost importance?

What do you do on sick days to maintain your healthy routine? Do you exercise?

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  1. I will want soup - which is okay. Usually when I am sick I do not want cold food so I do not have salads and sometimes do not drink all my water.

    I have to fight the desire for comfort foods and look instead for a heat wrap, a good movie, a good book - things that will help me pass the time and do not involve eating. When I have a sore throat it is a pain in the food plan because I want to suck on sooting cough drops or eat pudding so I have to get to the store and find something sugar free.

    The big problem for me is the rebound appetite after being sick and eating less. That is when I need to be extra vigilant. Sometimes I slip but so far I have been getting up and trudging on.

    Feel better! I think it is awesome that you chose to walk today. I ate the cold and if I was also feeling sick I would have been in the car. I admire your willingness to do something healthy even while sick.