Sunday, January 23, 2011

The road is long and sometimes all that matters is that you're on it

On a journey of 10,000 steps are any of the steps any more important than the others? I'm quite sure the guy on the road celebrates certain milestones, but is that single step any higher in value to the entire journey than say the 10 steps that it took to get there? No. Not really. The journey would not have been complete without all of the steps combined.

I keep this thought in mind today. My weight stayed the exact same. I didn't lose. I didn't gain. I just stayed the same. This is where struggle lies in weight loss. Sure, it's fantastic and even "easy" at times when the weight drops off in pounds by the week. Where the endurance comes in, where the willpower comes in, is when you do all the right things and the numbers just don't show it.

It's OK. At least it wasn't a gain. As cliche as using the word "journey" is, it honestly is a journey and there will be times where the unexplainable happens. I can't explain why I didn't see a loss. I measured all of my "right" foods. I exercised. I tracked. I drank my water. I got more sleep. And yes, even after all that, some weeks you just won't see it.

This is where commitment is key. As it would be so easy, after working so hard this week, to throw in the towel for a few days, do whatever it is the "old me" would want to do - which would probably involve large numbers of calories, no exercise and self pity. However, that was the old me. I refuse to succumb to those negative thoughts. I'm going with the mindset that I DID do everything right this week and as a result, the fruits of those efforts WILL show on the scale. Perhaps next week. :)

I don't really have any new goals. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing. I know it's healthy, I know it's right. It just takes time which is going to pass no matter what I'm doing, so I might as well do all the right things and eventually I will make it to that next milestone.


  1. It will show. This is your opportunity to prove that you can keep the weight off even when it trickles down to nothing because you have finished getting it off and move to keeping it off. KEEP DOING all the good things and the expected results will happen. Hang tough and do not use this as an excuse to lick a spoon, taste a bite . . . .All the things I have done in my journey. I would have lost the weight so much sooner if I had not taken so many steps backward when I did not like the terrain ahead. I am taking these steps with you today. You are inspiring me.


  2. Plateaus are a part of losing weight unfortunately. We do all the right things and that blasted scale doesn't show it. Don't worry about it as long as you are sticking to your plan. It will take a few weeks to get off the plateau and then WHOOSH! I love those whooshes when I was losing.

  3. Thank you, Jane and Motivational Girl. Yes, unfortunately these weeks happen and I look forward to my weigh in next week where hopefully I'll see the scale move.

    Regardless, I'm healthier and I feel better than I have EVER in my life - and that, my friends, means more than any number on the scale. (The scale is a really great bonus of eating right and exercising.)

  4. Hang in there, the loss will show up soon. You still have all the rewards from what you have accomplished so far. Thanks for an inspiring post!

  5. Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog. I see that me and you both, lost about the same amount of weight thus far. Congrats on that.
    You know, it has been 3 weeks since I lost anything. I did not gain nor did I lose until yesterday. I lost 4.4lbs in 3 weeks. But I still stick with the exercising and healthy eating. Why? Because I feel comfortable the way I look now. I have more confidence and that is what I like. I never want to feel like the "old me" again. I know exactly where you come from, with saying that you will keep going and you have to. Me and you are going to conquer this fat :)
    I'll be coming back again here.