Saturday, January 22, 2011

T'was the night before weigh in

Tonight is like Christmas Eve all over again. Tomorrow is weigh in and I can't help but wonder if I hit my goal of 50lbs or not. I've been working towards this goal for weeks. My mini-goals of the week were pretty much intact. I ate power foods, some days so much so that I didn't spend my entire daily point allowance. I worked out a total of two and a half hours which is equal to five 30 minute workouts. While those workouts were in the matter of two days - I'll count it as meeting my goal. I drank my water. I made it through a Saturday night without making poor choices, which is a win! So on paper, the week looks great!

However, my home scale is not showing a loss. Now, mind you, I don't usually take my home scale seriously as far as actual weight but for trending purposes, it's usually ok. So, I sit and I wait for tomorrow morning to come.

At the end of the day, tomorrow's weigh in is no more important than those from last month or the month before. If I don't hit the 50lb mark tomorrow, it's ok! I may do it next week, or the week after that. There is no ticking clock saying I need to reach certain milestones within a certain time.

However, I can't help but be excited if it may be tomorrow! We will see!  Regardless of what the scale says, my week was healthy, my choices were right on and I feel great about that!

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  1. Keep doing the next right thing and the weight loss will come . , .be it tomorrow or next week, it WILL come. You are already amazing for not gaining back weight over this last month. You are doing amazing just by maintaining. Loss of weight is a bonus that will be yours - one day at a time. I have faith in your success and look forward to giving you that virtual >>HUG<< and Kudos when the scale gives you that happy number.