Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 27 - Weigh In

Yesterday I was feeling under the weather with a cold so chose to stay home and rest rather than go to my meeting. However, I did not want that miss to result in a week of being off track. So, before working out tonight I went to my Weight Watchers Center and weighed in. I'm glad I faced the scale.

I gained 2.8lbs. This gain pretty much makes it impossible to hit my 50lb goal by the new year but THAT IS OK! Sometimes we will meet our goals in the time frame we make for ourselves and sometimes we won't. The goal is important, nonetheless.

So, this week it's back on track. Honestly, I'm just glad that the gain was under 5lbs. On average, people gain 8lbs through the holidays - 2.8lbs doesn't look so bad. :)

1 comment:

  1. 2.8 pounds gain is a testament to how much you stayed on plan despite the holiday week. I can gain 20 pounds on a 7 day cruise (all but 6 come off within 3 days because they are water/glycogen bloat). Give yourself a pat on the back and stay focused. Don't continue through the New Year weekend and you will begin the year with your 50 pound goal in sight!

    I weigh in on New Years and I am grateful that my clothes are still fitting today. I made cookies and fudge that fit my plan but I need to remember that my plan does not include eating food just because I can have it. I have set limits and they are there for a reason. No stretching the limits for this compulsive food addict.

    You go girl!