Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 26 - Weigh In

My morning started off with being startled awake, looking at the alarm clock, seeing those red digits showing 8:30 and saying, "Oh, shit!"

Yep, overslept.

That didn't matter. I made a mad dash, got ready and jumped in my car to get to my Weight Watcher's center. I weighed in. I hate missing my meetings but at least I was able to get my weight. The week of final exams, less exercise, a Christmas lunch and more spontanious eating wasn't too bad. I lost 1.8lbs! Yes!

Quick Stats:
Loss this week: 1.8lbs
Total Lost: 45.2lbs
Only 4.8lbs away from my next goal!!!!  Yes!!!


  1. I have to thank you for your blog. The honesty you share, the insight, and the knowledge has really helped me a lot. March 2010 I was determined to lose weight, to make a change that was permanent, that I could continue for the rest of my life. I have never before in my life attempted such an undertaking. I have always been "the fat girl" but saw the yo-yo dieting happening in the lives of those I loved and refused to take that path. So there have been more active times in my life when my weight would go down by 15-25 lbs, but nothing near my ideal weight of 120-145 lbs. I worked hard, I lost 14.2 lbs, I got sick my routine changed and I did not adapt with it. This depressed me and I quit. I discovered that some of the changes I made I could only keep up with as long as I had nothing else to focus on. Since reading your blog, talking to friends and my husband I have set new goals, ones that adapt to my new schedule. I am starting slowly and building, and I am very excited! Thank you!