Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Week of Accountability - Day 1

After having a gain this morning on the scale, I'm holding myself to a week of transparent accountability.

Today really was a great day! I worked out twice - both for half an hour. The first I walked 1.3 miles burning  234 calories, the second I walked 1.2 miles burning 216 calories. I honestly don't pay much attention to the calories burned, as I'm really not sure how accurate those are - but it's nice to have a baseline, so I'll include it. 

Yummies for the Day:
(I did not include measurements below, but did measure today - I used the standard serving size)
3 cups of Coffee with Coffee Mate and Splenda - 3 pts (throughout the day)
Total Cereal w/skim milk - 2pts
Banana - 2pts
Turkey & Swiss Sandwich - 4pts
Apple - 1pt
1c Skim Milk - 2pts
Kellogg's Fiber Bar - 2pts
Yoplait Light Yogurt - 2pts
Bib Lettuce Salad w/ cheese, croutons and yogurt dressing - 4pts
Portobello and veggie sandwich w/ cheese - 4pts
Steamed Sugar Snap Peas - 0pts
Grapes - 1pt
Vitamuffin Vitatop Chocolate - 1pt
Peanut butter - 5pts
1c Skim Milk - 2pts

I still have 5pts to spare.

According to my points tracker, I earned 10 activity points today for my treadmill efforts. I never spend my AP's, so it doesn't matter how accurate it really is - but I'm excited to see that balance grow!

Speaking of activity, I'm taking a leap!  A fellow WW asked me to join her at a local gym this week and I took her up on it. I haven't been in a fitness club for years and I'm a bit nervous. So Wednesday, I stick my toe into the "public exercise" water. I'm really excited!


  1. I started my day on the scale: 170 lbs exactly. I journaled while drinking a cup of decaf coffee w/skim milk & 1 Splenda and then dressed to workout. I did the Curves circuit for 30 minutes (I own my own equipment and it is set up in my garage). Then I did quick 10 minutes on the treadmill before I did the 25 minute weights workout from DVD (Biggest Loser Season 2). After a shower had breakfast: 1 serv 8-grain hot cereal, 1/3 c dried cranberries (dried at home so there is no added sugars), and skim milk. My morning snack was 8oz fat free/sugar free Greek yogurt with 1/2 c raspberries. Lunch was 4 egg whites with 90 calories worth of low fat sliced ham (= 3 slices), roasted eggplant, 2 cups lettuce and 1 TBS Newman's own lo fat Ginger seseme dressing.
    My afternoon snack was protein (2 oz chicken). Dinner tonight will be 1 serv 15 bean soup with 1 serv hi fiber 8-rice blend (5 g of fiber!), zucchini salad with olive oil/cider vinegar/Splenda dressing and tea. I will be taking a 15 minute walk this evening and talking with a few people who are in my support circle. If I get the urge to eat something I have not committed I reach out to someone who can talk with me and get me through the moment sanely. There is my day today. I am about 2 hours behind in my work today so I will be working into the evening. Bummer. . . One day at a time. ~Jane

  2. Opps! Forgot to give the totals for the day:

    159 gm carbs, 110 gms protein, 23 gms fat, 1288 calories, 31 gms fiber.
    My normal day is between
    110-160 carb
    100-150 protein
    25-40 fat
    1200-1600 calories
    21-33 fiber

    I had my evening walk before dinner. I hope you are having a great day!