Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 15 - Weight In

Another 2.4lbs gone!  Great weigh in today! Today's message at the meeting was about asking for help, which really seems right on target with where I am considering I just went public with my blog - essentially asking all I know (and don't know) for the help and support as I work towards a new me!  Two weeks ago I set my Lose for Good goal at 15lbs in six weeks.  So far I've lost 10.8lbs towards that goal.  My 10% is so close I can see it - I'm in the same decade (30lbs)!

Easy stats:
This week's loss:  2.4lbs
Total loss: 31.6
Total towards "Lose for Good" (6 week goal):  10.8lbs out of 15lbs - only 4.2 to go!

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