Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Just Felt Like Running

"My mama always said, 'you've got to put the past behind you, before you can move on.'  And I think that's what my run was all about."

Last night's workout started like any other.  I put my comfortable clothes on, which are getting very loose I might add, slipped on the sneakers, grabbed my HTC Hero, browsed to Rhapsody and clicked on my workout playlist.  I hopped on the treadmill for my 30 minute walk/jog.  In the first five minutes of warming up I thought about how each muscle felt.  I concentrated on the muscles in my legs, contracting and releasing, imagining how their contractions send the blood flow in my veins back up my legs.  How my heart must increase the rate of pumping to supply those muscles with enough oxygen to keep up with the stress I'm forcing upon them and how this work, this stress, makes them stronger.  I'm forcing myself to become physically stronger.

But this entire journey is about so much more than just the physicality of losing weight, becoming physically healthy and physically thin. I find my time on the treadmill is not just about the physical exertion; while that certainly helps the weight loss, it's a time of reflection which does just as much good for my mental strength as it does for my physical strength.  Last night, I took a deep dive into the mirrored lake.

I posted this video of Forrest Gump as it truly is a great example of breaking boundaries.  He ran through the town, then through the county, then through the state and then continued to push himself passed each and every boundary he had set for himself.  He had control.  He had to tell himself to just keep going.  After he made it through one, he decided it wasn't time to quit yet and tackled the next.  He broke through his self-imposed bondage.

Last night I walked/jogged for an hour.  I didn't set my goal to run for an hour.  Like any other night, I started with the vision of 30 minutes.  Once I hit 30, I decided I really could make it to 45.  Surprisingly enough, once I hit 45 minutes I wasn't satisfied and just kept going until I saw that 60 on the display.  It wasn't easy and through the hour I had moments of the little devil on my shoulder telling me it was enough, telling me I could rest, but through those moments I slowed the pace, recovered slightly and then hit the ground faster than before.

I vow to break my own bondage.  It can be done.  It will be done.


  1. I was wondering if you have problems with your knees, like me, and if you do how the treadmill effects them. I haven't graduated past the water aerobics yet, but know that once I can get on a treadmill or other machines, that it will help tremendously.

  2. Hi Faith,
    I am extremely fortunate that walking around with this much weight all these years has not causes significant damage to my joints. The only joints that start to feel slightly strained during my runs, are my ankles. I'm sure that is due to the excess weight and I just hope that as I continue to lose they will get better. I'm sure you will be on the treadmill or other machines soon!

    We are going in opposite directions, I'm so fearful of going to a public gym/pool to exercise that it keeps me from doing it. I want to drop at least another 30lbs and then perhaps I'll consider it. I find myself visiting fitness club websites often, dreaming of a time when I can finally go there and feel comfortable working it with someone other than my dogs and my husband watching. LOL