Thursday, June 17, 2010

The List - Part 1

I've decided to start a list of things I look forward to doing when I'm thin. I'll add to this list (and bump it up when I do) as more things come to mind.

  1. Going to any store and finding clothing I can purchase. In larger sizes one must shop at special stores or online.
  2. Not worrying about chairs when I'm in unfamiliar places. There is a fear that they won't hold the weight and break.
  3. Riding roller coasters again.
  4. Wearing a bathing suit and being comfortable in it.
  5. Buying bras and panties at Victoria's Secret (and even the cheapo stuff at Target).
  6. Deciding on clothing that are my style, rather than fat stores deciding what style I must wear.
  7. Going to an amusement park and not feeling like I'm going to die just trying to walk out at the end of the day.
  8. Using arm rests. Being a larger person, my weight gets in the way of using an arm rest in an office chair or in a vehicle.
  9. Flying without having to ask for the piece of seat belt they use for the emergency demonstration since the regular belt doesn't fit.
  10. Going to a gym to workout.
  11. Walking into daycare or my child's schools without other children talking about my weight.
  12. Going for a massage. Since it is an activity that requires towels and undressing, I've never been brave enough to go but would love to have a massage.
  13. Going to the salon and not feeling guilty for the stylist having to push my weight around in the chair.
  14. The lack of anxiety when I walk into a room of unfamiliar people. The first day of classes is always a bear just because I must meet new people.
  15. Walking into a restaurant or a crowded room and not having to scout out my path to make it through chairs that are close together or groups of people.
  16. Sitting in a booth without my belly touching the underside of the table.

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