Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 61 - Weigh In

I started today off right. I met a couple friends at the gym and we worked out for 30 minutes prior to our Weight Watchers meeting. It felt good to be back there, it's been a few weeks. I did notice I was more sluggish today. I think the combination of crap foods in, lack of sleep and the 7.2lb weight gain may have all played a part. But, it feels good to sweat and feel that soreness again.

It was also really great to be back at my meeting. This week is going to be a good week for the scale. I'm going to hit the gym and track my foods. As soon as I log off the blog I'm going to plan everything and then spend some time in the kitchen preparing food for the week.

The 7.2lb weight gain was actually less than I thought it would be, so that was a good surprise. I don't want to "officially" start over because I want to continue to build on the 44lbs already lost but because so much of weight loss is a mind game - I'm going to play one purposefully.

For this "restart" I'm going to consider today's weight as my starting weight. It's not a backslide. I'm not "up 7.2" - no, I'm starting this week at 332lbs. I really think that will help my motivation to get back to where I was seven weeks ago.  Everything is behind me and there is no reason to dwell on it.

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  1. I'm so thrilled to see you back! The gains are hard to see in the book, but I love the fact that rather than have it be a negative... "I'm up" you are using today as a new start!!

    WOW... you are an inspiration!!