Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The little lunch bag that could

I pack my lunch daily. Quite honestly, it's way more than lunch. I pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks to cover me from 9am-5pm. I've done this nearly everyday since I started Weight Watchers last May.

Days that I don't pack are challenging days and I don't like them. So, no matter what, I spend the time to fill out my meal plan for the day and pack my lunch bag.

It is also a great way to minimize waste, as I can always throw in left over veggies from the night before or make a little extra for the following day's lunch.


  1. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for sharing your story! I just spent the last couple hours reading from day 1. You're doing great! :)

    I just started my own weight loss blog a couple weeks ago at foodisproblematic.blogspot.com and I'd love some more followers!

  2. Packing is insurance against a binge. I took a trip this past weekend and brought all my meals except Saturday dinner, which I knew would be in a restaurant with friends. I was so happy to not have any pitfalls due to food choices the whole time I was away. The meal in the restaurant was special and healthy at the same time.

    Today was a normal day - I only needed to pack a snack but I can tell you: that apple was a lifesaver when lunch had to wait until 1:30pm.


  3. Dana, congrats on starting a blog! I'll certainly check it out.

    Jane, I've also found that I don't stand a chance of binging if I go everywhere prepared. Now I just need to really apply the same plan to my weekends. Weekends, I struggle a bit more because of the lack of structure. My previous Weight Watchers leader told me to pack my bag on the weekend the same as I would during the week. So far, I haven't stuck to doing that, which I really need to.

    Glad you had a normal day! Normal days are good. :)