Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Bye Diet Coke!

I've decided the time has come to give up my Diet Coke.

Weeks ago I stopped buying 12-packs of the fizzy beverage to try to force myself to not drink it as often. I bought those little 8-pack mini-cans at first, thinking that I could grab one of those in moderation, here and there, when the craving really hit.  Yeah, that didn't work out so well. I really should know by now that I'm often not a person that does well with "moderation." I'm trying, I am. But mini-can Diet Cokes means you will just grab two!

About two weeks ago I decided that I was no longer buying a supply of Diet Coke to have in the house. If I wanted one, I'd have to go get it.  All I did was create the situation that when I wanted one, I had to leave the house, drive to a convenience store, purchase it for double the amount I would normally pay and then drive back home. Well, that resulted in was a lot of trips out in the car and a lot more money spent on Diet Coke!

So, I'm doing it. Today is Day 1, although, technically, yesterday was since I haven't had my favorite beverage since Friday. But I'm counting today as my official start. 

Yesterday I found something I normally never would have tried. Sweet Leaf Tea: Diet Citrus Green Tea  OMG! It was so good, but a bit pricey (about the same as buying a Diet Coke at a convenience store every time I want one LOL).

I've decided I really want to try to make my own homemade version of this beverage. I'm thinking all I really need to do is brew some green tea, squeeze juice from a fresh orange, lemon and lime into the tea, add a bit of splenda and it would taste close if not better than the bottled stuff. We will see, but I did really enjoy my first venture into actually LIKING green tea.

Now I just need to find a quality green tea.

Do you make green tea at home? Do you brew it just as you would black tea (for summer iced tea)? What brands do you prefer?


  1. I gave up soda when I decided to get healthier, too - it was unnecessary calories and chemicals. I wanted to drink more plain water and tea, so that's what I do now. I *love* tea - green tea is super good for you, too! I brew it just like regular black tea and I keep it in a container with a spigot in my fridge - I got a nice glass one at Target in the summer seasonal aisle for $3 or $5 last year (can't remember).

  2. I have given up most commerical soda. I still get a single serve bottle if I am out and have a headache because I think the caffeine helps - but since I do not normally ever have caffeine I keep these few and far between.

    However, I still make seltzer at home and add Toroni sugar free flavorings. I do not have them every day but I enjoy them occasionally - unlike the all day long diet soda binges of the past.


  3. I am so happy to read that you have decided to give up on Diet Coke. You are on the long run, not going to regret this decision. Well done.
    I don't drink green tea - don't like the taste.

  4. Thanks everyone! Happy to say I'm holding strong with the dc of DC! LOL Woohoo!