Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's going to be a "berry" good week

This week one of my "new" foods is the addition of fresh raspberries and blackberries. I normally buy blueberries and strawberries. But, I decided I wanted a whole mix of berries so purchased them (even though it was quite the splurge based on the price they were.)

I'm happy to say the extra spend was well worth it and my children have a new found love for berries.

I also decided to try another recipe from the Weight Watchers Just 5 Cookbook for a very late brunch.It wouldn't have been so late but I forgot to thaw the phyllo dough, so had to wait for it. I was fearful that this one would be more complicated but decided I'd tackle it anyway.  (For as many kudos as I'm giving this cookbook, let me just say I am in no way being paid or affiliated with Weight Watchers. I'm just a member and a huge fan of these recipes.) 

I've never worked with phyllo before and was a bit worried it would be difficult or I would somehow mess it up, but I'm happy to report it behaved and I was able to create nearly a picture perfect strudel!

The ingredients were simple:
olive oil
phyllo dough
jarisberg cheese (now a new favorite!)

I did end up putting sugar on the kids' berries and I put splenda on mine. We found them to be just a wee too tart for our tastes. Perhaps as time goes on, we can eat them right out of the package but for now, a little sweet is better than no berries at all - so we compromised.

The result of my efforts was a beautiful brunch with my family around the table on a Sunday afternoon. I even brought out the "special" coffee so the hubby and I could sip on Starbucks Sumatra while enjoying the meal.


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would like to find this cookbook as I often choose recipes by the # of ingredients. I have had tremendous luck with berries at Costco. Great prices! And I find adding one of the Yoplait Fiber Ones to a bowl of berries makes a yummy treat! Way to go Elizabeth!!!

  2. Once the berries come into season, they'll be a little less expensive and much sweeter. I need to get that cookbook.

  3. looks yummy! You should pick your own berries when they are in season and then freeze them. That's what I do and I have a LOT of blueberries and strawberries in my freezer. I plan on picking again this spring and summer. And it's a great workout too... haha. :)