Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 41 - Weigh In

My week numbers have been a bit off, when I added the weekly weight loss tab today I found this little tidbit of information, so going forward they will be correct. This is week 41! I've missed a few meetings and had a few challenges towards the end of this week - so I saw a gain. It was only a pound but just a reminder that I need to refocus again. I know with going to the trainer this week and all the fantastic food I purchased yesterday that I'm set up to have a great week.

I added two new pages to my blog. The Weekly Weigh Loss section has my weight and losses running from start to current. I really love looking at that and seeing the progress that I've made - it's a motivator to stay on track. It also shows me that in the last few weeks, while I have still seen some losses, it's slow and time to kick it up!

Additionally I added a new About Me section which is well, about me, but includes a new before and after photo.

Here's to a great week friends! Next week's weigh in is going to be great!

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