Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Before and After - 43.4lbs gone

Tonight my husband found a picture of me that was taken before I started Weight Watchers. It was painful to even look at. I immediately ran and put on the same shirt that I was wearing in the picture and asked him to take a photo. When he was showing me the picture on the camera I told him I was going to more than likely back out of doing the before and after - that I just didn't see that much difference.

Then I put them side by side.


So, this is a huge step for me - here goes my anonymity but I have to share this.

I'll continue posting before and after pictures as I progress further. This has really provided me even more motivation to keep going!


  1. You look terrific. I can see such a difference & I am so glad you see it!

  2. Thanks so much, Jane. You are always such an encouraging friend and I'm so glad you are supporting me in this journey.

    The last few months I've been fearful of the time when I would do this before and after photo. But honestly, I was so excited to do it once I put the two together and could see the physical differences in myself. I can't wait until it's time to do another one!

  3. I wish I had taken more side-by-sides. They really can help with your mindset when you are getting use to a new body every single day.

  4. I plan to do them every 20lbs or so going forward. I'm so glad we found a before shot like that, as I typically stay away from the camera and especially don't allow photos taken of me head to toe.

  5. I know how that feels, I have very few photos that show more than just my face and shoulders. I just wanted to say that there is an incredible difference in your photos. I just started reading your blog, but I found it so inspiring that I went back to your first entry and have read them all up to this one. A huge congrats for all your hard work and commitment! And a Giant thank you for sharing!