Friday, November 19, 2010

The Week of Accountability - Day 5

I'm late posting this, as I had school last night and had a major scare - I thought I lost my wedding rings in the shower. I noticed driving to school, called my husband and he looked around. He did not find them. I stressed and stressed until I got home where I found them on the dresser. They had fallen off my hand while I was brushing my hair!

The funny thing about this scare is it made me realize how much my hunger triggers are associated with stress. As soon as I started stressing I started CRAVING! I didn't cave into the craving. I kept telling myself "no, you don't need to eat, this is just the stress! Don't seek comfort in the food, it WON'T make you feel any better."

Believe it or not, my acknowledgment of the behavior actually helped me work through it.

Anyway, on to the day.

I think I had a pretty good day. I continued to stay away from the Smart One's (which is a goal I set this week). I didn't get as many veggies in as I would have liked, so today I'm going to push that and take lots of veggies in my lunch. I was getting a little too sore, so I took a break from exercise.

Yummies for the Day
1 egg beater's egg sandwich
1c black grapes
Turkey on whole wheat arnold sandwich thin
1/2 cup pears (no sugar added)
cottage cheese
4oz pork chop
baked potato with fat free cheddar
1c turnip greens
1 vitatop chocolate muffin
1 TBSP peanut butter
1c milk
Weight Watcher's cookies and cream ice cream bar
Kellogg's Fiber Bar

I stayed within points, with just a couple left for the day. I'd say that was a success, even without the extra veggies.


  1. You really had great insight yesterday. Acknowledging the feelings and behaviors is the only way we can keep from hiding under the false protection of food. If I am not rigorously honest about what, how and why I am eating I will be doomed to repeating the past.

    I am so happy you found your rings safe and sound and you did not eat over it. It is not always easy to make the right choice but I have never made the right choice and later wishes I had taken the other way.
    Here is a thought:
    A normal person leaves their house to start a very busy day and finds their car has a flat tire, so she calls AAA.
    A person with food issues leaves their house to start a very busy day and finds their car has a flat tire so she eats 4 doughnuts and calls the suicide hotline while looking for someone to blame for her life.
    Which person do you want to be today?

  2. Today I did a whole hour on the treadmill and then a shower because I was a puddle of rancid sweat when I was done. This afternoon I saw HP7,P1 and took a short walk right before the movie. Here is what I ate today:

    4 egg whites, 3 slices lo fat ham, 2 oz chicken, salsa, skim milk and decaf coffee.

    Lunch was 4 oz chicken and carrots while I was working. RIght before the movie I had Greek yogurt with cranberries and oatmeal (it absorbs the yogurt and makes it very thick).

    IN the movie I had a Lara Bar - they are no sugar, no artificial anything, no flour and no milk fat. Today was the tropical fruit flavor bar - delightful! I am especially happy that I did not get popcorn at movie theater.

    Dinner was egplant with 1/2 c FF/Ricotta, tomato sauce and 3 oz beef. Having another cup of decaf right now.

    Hope you had a GREAT DAY!