Friday, October 22, 2010

This Is It - I WILL Do It This Week

I've been in a slump.  Not necessarily because I'm demotivated, it's too difficult or I'm not purchasing the right foods; but because I've allowed my busy weekends the last two weeks to really upset my routine.

I'm GREAT in a routine.  I'm great with knowing exactly what to do when, following my instructions, eating on a structured schedule and just basically doing what I'm supposed to do.  I'm NOT great when I'm out of schedule, at special events and on days where I didn't take time to plan.

I KNOW this, so why do I allow myself to get in this sticky situations?  Because sometimes in life we crave a little less of status quo and a little more chocolate chip cookies.

Ahhh, that's life.

After my post last week I really thought this week would be better, and in some ways it really was.  Most days I stayed right on plan.  I ate within points, I was active, I'm sure I lost a little bit of weight that I'm certain I gained the week prior.  In that way, this week was absolutely a success.

However, this week I still had a few too many "out of points range" type meals.  I counted them for as much as I could, but sometimes it's really difficult to eyeball something that has no nutritional information and figure out how many points it will be.  I try to guess on the high end but I have no idea how accurate my estimates were.  I guess the scale will tell me on Sunday.

So, this week, I WILL be on plan 100%.  I will drink my water.  I will get my exercise in AND I will blog to update how my days are going.

Hopefully, the scale won't show too much damage and this week will be a fantastic one!

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