Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food, fun and WALKING!

So my three days of meetings, lots of delicious food and lack of my normal routine are over.  After my stress and struggles over day one I decided I would stop stressing about it and just enjoy it.  I still tried to maintain portions, and asked myself what I would have done prior to Weight Watchers and then tried to make better choices than I previously would have.  At least then I know I did less damage than I would have done if it were four months prior!  I can't say I chose great things, because I didn't.  I went well over my weekly points, probably in alcohol alone.  I ate small desserts, I had some junk food, I had some french fries.  Was this a failure of a week?  NO!

The last three days were temporary.  The food I ate is no longer my normal lifestyle, it once was, but it isn't anymore.  Drinking is not part of my normal lifestyle.  My lifestyle is a healthy one, full of healthy foods, exercise and positive thoughts.  I think that's what threw me off more than the initial panic over the food choices - I started back down the path of negative speak.  Rather than feeling like the healthy new me, I felt like the fat girl eating the fatty foods again.  Well, until I came to grips with the fact that even if I can't make good choices over the next few days - I can still be the healthy girl!  I can get right back on plan.  I can get right back into my routine.  Just as my "I am a spring" post said - I can bounce back!

So, tomorrow is bounce day.

I had one really great surprise yesterday.  There was a lot of walking!  I had a moment of "wow" when I realized I made it through a team building exercise pain-free.  We went to a theme park and walked, and walked, and walked a little more.  Three years ago we did a similar activity and I was in physical pain walking out of the park.  I HURT.  I actually hurt for days afterward.  This time, it was so different.  I was able to keep up!  I was able to walk out of the park, without pain, feeling pretty good and then able to go out partying that night!  Granted, I think I sweat more than anyone else there, not that they weren't sweating, and I looked ridiculous when all was said and done (beet red, dripping in sweat, hair soaked) but I finished!  Just typing that makes me feel fantastic. 

This change comes after only 16 weeks.  It comes after only losing 35lbs.  The body is a pretty amazing thing.  If you treat it right, even for a short period of time, it bounces back dramatically! 

This activity also gave me some added confidence for my first 5k which is coming up fast, Saturday!

So tonight, I'm relaxing.  Tomorrow I plan to do some core exercises to try to save my walking legs.  I know the 5k is going to be a challenge and I'm super excited to do it! 

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