Friday, May 28, 2010

Days 1 and 2

Wow, I feel fantastic. It really is amazing how drastically different I feel from eating right and exercising for just two days. The truly amazing thing is the lack of hunger involved with the Weight Watchers program. I have set up my meal plan where I graze, all day long. I eat every one to two hours, but I eat something of extremely low point value. By doing this, I never get the feeling of “omg I’m starving” and in turn, nip any form of temptation of over indulging before it can even occur. It also just keeps my metabolism moving.
I have gone on and off weight watchers many times. However, really, this time is different. One thing making a huge difference is everything I have learned about the human body in my college courses. I had an entire term on Nutrition and Dietary Therapy and I know, in detail, the biological chemistry involved with what we eat and how our body uses it. Right now, I find that knowledge is so extremely valuable as it really is helping me stay on track.
I am happy to report that for two days I have walked my treadmill. I am also using some of those little simple things to increase my daily activity. Yesterday, I parked twice as far from the building at work so I would have to walk twice as much as I normally would. I wore a pedometer all day and found myself trying to increase the steps everytime I was up moving. Combined with my treadmill, I got over 5000 steps in for the day – that is over 2.5 miles! My goal I am working up to is 10,000 steps per day, which is equal to about 5 miles.
The hardest part to keep in mind is that none of this change can really happen overnight. I did not gain all my weight overnight and I am not going to be physically fit immediately either. It all takes time. Thankfully, I do see small differences and changes, immediately, which help as a reinforcement that this is working!
I really cannot wait for Tuesday to get here so I can weigh in and see my loss. I know the first week is always a nice drop.
Temptations I have resisted the past couple days:
· I had dinner with family and there was some really good garlic cheese bread on the table. I was able to limit how much I ate and actually STOP when I ate my set limit (2 small pieces)
· We celebrated my daughter’s fourth birthday with family they day before her birthday. We had cake at the celebration. I ate an extremely small piece and then walked away from the table.
· When we celebrated my daughter’s birthday at home, on the day of her actual birthday, I did not include a cake with our festivities. She had already blown out candles on one cake and has another planned for this weekend at my parents’ home. I resisted the temptation and simply did not include a cake for our house. She did not even miss it!
· Yesterday morning I woke up late and did not get my walk in on my treadmill. I prefer to do it in the morning but I flexed and ended up doing it that evening while I watched a favorite television show.
Well, that is my update for today. We are right against the weekend where I am sure I will have many temptations. I will stay focused and I will stay on program.
Until then my friends . . . counting those points!

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