Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 53 - Weigh In

This is the start of something great. I feel re-motivated and I feel ready to go. I went to my meeting this morning expecting a gain. In fact, I came very close to using my no weigh-in pass just so I didn't have to see the number. However, I received an email from my wonderful leader. It was sent out to the group but it really spoke to me, personally. It was about coming home, no judgment, starting fresh and I told myself it's just one weigh-in, it's just one number and next week will be fantastic.

To my surprise, I lost 1.2lbs.

I've been in a rut with my weight loss. First it was my husband's surgeries, then finals, then graduation. Once all that was over it was like I took a giant sigh. I can't say I was always 100% focused on my weight loss, as I've always had a lot of stuff going on, but my focus certainly was more than it has been the last few weeks.

So, I'm re-focused and re-committed. Today, I'm changing it up. I'm cooking foods I haven't had in a long time. I'm setting myself up to have a really great week.

It's been a little while. How are all of you doing? Have you reached any major milestones? Have you tried anything new? Share!

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