Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food Journal - Day 4 - Week of Accountability

Today was a bit more challenging of a day. Not because I was more hungry but simply because it started off with a co-worker's birthday celebration. Let me say I love the fact that my team at work does these things but it does make it really challenging.

Honestly, I did well with it. I had a small sliver of a cookie cake and mostly fruit. But, I do so much better when I don't have sweets like cookies, cakes or ice cream during the day, and I KNOW THIS. I try to avoid but sometimes it's just impossible. That's why we have weekly points. :)  So, today I did have the little treat and it tasted soooo good. So good in fact, I craved it the rest of the day. When afternoon came, I did have another very small portion of it but again, very small and I tracked it the best I could. I'm proud of my portion control. I think that in and of itself is a win in this scenario. The rest of the day was fine as far as tracking goes.

Woooohoooo over halfway there for the week and still on track! How are you doing?

Daily PointsPlus Allowance: 50
Daily PointsPlus Used: 50
Weekly PointsPlus Allowance: 49
Weekly PointsPlus Used: 9


  1. I am at the point where it does not matter how small the sliver of cake, I know it will take up space in my head. I do not want the cravings to live inside me all day. I do not want to risk having something today that will haunt my brain tomorrow. This is a far cry from when the squirrels that lived in my head convinced me that NOT having any only set me up for failure. They were wrong. By having some of something I have already lost the battle because the allergy of my mind it telling me a little will not hurt me and I believe it. Once in my body, the food triggers the allergy in my body that ignites cravings for more. When I do not have the first bite the allergy in my body is not triggered and the allergy in my mind is quieted because it is not fed. It has taken me a long time to reach this point and I do not know where I will be tomorrow but for today I am grateful not to have that first bite, lick or taste.


  2. Today was a BIG sweet craving day for me! I have done really well and have allowed myself to have a sweet kraft thinsation oreo bar and I have tracked it but STILL I have that hankering...I have a feeling it is a little bit emotional as well as I was up this week and felt bummed out because this was the first week I had made and stuck to my activity goals!