Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 23 - Weigh In

I did it! I made it through Thanksgiving without a gain! I lost .2, yes that's right, POINT 2 POUNDS and I'm celebrating it!! I think it's fantastic that I made it though and didn't gain.

Even more exciting is this week starts the new plan on Weight Watchers called PointsPlus! I'll blog about that shortly.

I got a great workout immediately following the meeting and plan to go to the gym every day this week.  Next week's weigh in is going to rock!

Easy stats:
Loss this week: 0.2lbs
Total loss: 41.4lbs GONE!


  1. I'm feeling the sore muscles today! LOL It didn't matter, I went to the gym and worked it out this morning. It really felt good and helped with the sore muscles. I didn't make any records this morning (yesterday I did - 19:35 mile YaY!)

    However, my resting heart rate is so much better! I'm right around 68-70 resting, a decrease from around 85 resting 40lbs ago. That is a win!