Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5am is my time with the girls

Many people that know me well, know I'm an introvert. I love technology. I love writing. I love sitting, thinking and having deep conversations with one or two people. I'm not so great with the superficial, light relationships so it takes much time to really build trust and friendship.

Through the years I've been asked by many friends to workout with them. (Some may actually be reading this blog.) I always politely declined. I was never comfortable going to a gym or exercising with ANYONE, never dreaming of actually doing so with someone I knew. No way, no how! Even the thought of it caused flashbacks to seventh grade gym class, being the fat girl in the girls locker room and having to endure 45 minutes of PE.  Ick!! No thanks.

Then, a very new, very good Weight Watchers friend from my meetings very gently persuaded me to join her at the gym. The first time I was supposed to meet her things came up and I wasn't able to. Honestly, that morning when it happened I felt badly for standing her up but felt a sense of relief. I was still happily in my comfort zone. My world wasn't changed and all was well.

But then, this dear friend, not giving up on me, asked again. I accepted and joined she and another friend. The experience, which I blogged about, was fantastic. Since then we have only missed one day of going to the gym together. We are each other's motivation when our own may be lacking. It feels good to have the support while at the gym and cheering each other on as we set goals and push through personal records.

I get it now!  I understand why it's nice to workout in small groups, have friends surrounding you while you pour all your blood, sweat and tears into that hour in the gym. 

I look forward to my early morning time with the girls. We have fun, we push ourselves HARD and we walk out of the gym, the sky still dark, with our heads held high.

If you have a friend to workout with, do it! It makes a world of difference. If you don't, invite someone to go for a walk, join you at a pool, go half's on a membership, anything, just get active and if you can, have a friend join you. 

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