Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Gains

If you've been following me, you know I had a challenging food week - I was at long meetings for several days where meals were provided.  They were delicious but not low fat/healthy options.  Even with all the exercise and my 5k this week, I still saw a gain of 3.2lbs.  I was expecting it.  I'm OK with it.  I had a lot of non-scale victories and next week the scale will be much different.

There are positives to temporary gains.  Gains can be motivational, as I know I want to stay on track this week, exercise at least five days and really rock the scale next Sunday.

But gains can also be insightful.  Honestly, my eating habits this week weren't that much different than those of my old lifestyle.  Which means, prior to doing Weight Watchers I was steadily gaining weight.  While it probably wasn't at the speed of 3.2 lbs per week, it most certainly could have been at least 10lbs per month.  What the heck was I doing to myself? This only reinforces the necessity of the change I'm making - for myself, for my husband and for my children. 

I'm thankful I get these gentle reminders every now and then. It truly helps me remember where I've been and where I want to go.  I also look forward to my "blip buster" weeks !  (Click here to read about blip buster weeks.)  This week, by staying on points 100%, boosting the activity and increasing my water intake I will be able to have a loss similar to a first week's loss.  That feels GOOD!

Not every gain is a bad gain.   Gains are part of this journey and if you look at it as a positive reinforcement to what has been working - the gain can really work in your favor.

So bring it on!  I can't wait for weigh in next Sunday!

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