Thursday, June 3, 2010

Keep Moving!

I did the most amazing thing last night. It's something I haven't done in years, if ever. After I was finished, I felt fantastic. It was a sense of accomplishment, pride and well . . . amazement!

What was this unbelievable thing you ask?

I jogged! I jogged for a while - yeah, like 30 minutes of jogging on my treadmill.

Believe it or not, it felt wonderful and more comfortable than walking.

I am now an absolute believer and jogging is now my exercise of choice. I know each time I do it, I will be able to do a little more, go a little faster, have a higher incline. Working muscles really is wondrous thing - every time you do it, it makes a slight difference.

Knowing how the body works and burns energy helps so much. Over the last year I've learned, in detail, the science behind how we fuel our bodies and how our bodies use (and store) that fuel. I cannot even begin to express how much this has helped me visualize what is happening with my body right now.

Here's to another fantastic day!!

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